Silvermoss empowers clients with innovative, award-winning print marketing materials. We produce a wide variety of deliverables including brand & identity components, sales & marketing collateral, internal publications, event & tradeshow booths, experiential environments, promotional kits & packaging, and educational training materials.


Marketing & Sales Collateral

Silvermoss produces award-winning marketing communications, sales collateral, and business materials that bring your brand to life. Our design and copywriting teams know how to leverage your visual identity and brand voice into unique print deliverables that drive leads, sales, and generate brand awareness. We specialize in corporate identity, brochures, sales kits, promotional kits, instructional guides and learning materials, menu design, booklets, flyers, white papers, case studies, presentation folders, binders and direct mail campaigns.

Event Marketing & Experiential Design

Event Marketing is a complex proposition that often involves extensive planning and lead times. Deliverables can include (AV) Audio Visual presentations, video & animation, booth design, experiential environments, banners, signage, promotional items, apparel, and marketing collateral. At Silvermoss, our design teams work in 2D and 3D to help you visualize every detail of your deliverables. We work on complex, fast-paced schedules to ensure that every aspect of your conference, trade show, convention or event is a resounding success.

Promotional Kits & Packaging Design

Well-designed promotional kits or packaging designs are priceless when trying to win new customers and prospects. Let Silvermoss help you design and conceptualize your kit, product or materials in a dimensional way that embodies your brand voice. We have access to vendors that specialize in digital and 3D printing on short runs that bring bold and innovative ideas to life. We can deliver finished prototypes for in-person approvals and evaluation, so you know exactly how your audience will receive the final product. When impact is everything, count on Silvermoss.

Publication Design & Development

Internal and external marketing publications can take on many formats – magazines, newsletters, annual reports, quarterly updates and bulletins. Silvermoss can design, author, and produce signature publications that go from print to digital and beyond. We specialize in developing critical corporate publications for internal and external stakeholders that drive community engagement, employee relations, industry awareness and brand equity. Our design and editorial teams interface directly with your internal brand and comms teams for a seamless workflow.

Advertising Design & Campaign Ideation

Advertising strategy and spend is a monumental task across diverse channels and platforms. Tracking and measuring campaign metrics and KPIs have become critical to digital marketing effectiveness. At Silvermoss, we create and develop trendsetting ad campaigns that drive engagement, conversions, and ROI. We take an experimental approach through micro campaign deployment, A/B Testing and analytics to measure for user engagement. We perform keyword research, monitor industry trends and use performance analytics to drive continuing success.

Training Materials & Presentation Design

Silvermoss has a special focus in developing materials for training, education, symposia, seminars and learning events. Our team helps you to organize, design and illustrate key training and presentation content so that your audience is prepared and informed. We produce custom binders, workbooks, monographs, slide presentations, information graphics and data schematics, reference guides, speaker/moderator materials, and complex manuals. We create visually stunning, branded deliverables that drive continuous learning for your brand or company.

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